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Find Your Balance

Let us walk you through a treatment plan that will improve your quality of life and take control of your symptoms.

Balance & Dizziness

We help you engage your inner ear for effective dizziness treatment.

Physical Therapy

We do everything we can to help you meet your goals and get better faster.

Wellness Program

Our wellness program is an affordable, private way for anyone to exercise.


Physical Therapist and Owner
Brent Webb graduated from University of Oklahoma College of Allied Health in 1991. He specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Geriatrics, Neurological, and Manual Therapy.

Brent founded Horizon Balance and Dizziness Center in Feb. 2002.
Brent Webb

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Balance Therapy

Our balance therapy helps you engage your inner ear to balance better. This is effective for almost all of our dizziness patients.


Therapy for Parkinson's disease is a mixture of posture and balance, with an added kick of boxing to mix it up.

Wellness Program

Our wellness program is an affordable, private way for anyone to exercise. With few people out on the floor space, this allows you to workout without going to a "big" gym.
What People Say

Our Testimonials

"I started with vertigo the first of March. After seeing 4 different doctors and them telling me to "live with it". i was beginning to believe I would have to do just that. My first visit was with the nicest people; who were really interested in helping me. I was amazed to find that after just a few visits I could tell the difference in my dizziness and balance. I was surprised that anyone could help me. Now I know where to go if it ever comes back. I have these wonderful people to thank. I feel they saved my life; if not my life, my sanity!"
Donna H.
"I would like to thank Brent and his team for all they did for my recovery after my surgery of a complete knee replacement. After the team working with me for 14 sessions, I was released from my Doctor and therapy. My Doctor was amazed as to how I was able to straighten and degree that I could bend my knee. I would recommend this team and their expertise for recovery from any one who needs therapy after surgery."
Mark E.
"When I came in I was frustrated and afraid to go places because of my imbalance and dizziness. I considered myself home bound. Now I am confident and go places, I don't use my walker anymore, and I don't have the fear in me anymore, I feel very happy with myself now, which I didn't feel before the treatments."
Shirley G.